Without measurement, it’s impossible to track progress, effectively manage campaigns or understand the impact of what you’re trying to achieve. That’s why we’re transparent in our measurement tactics. We agree our approach and metrics upfront before starting any project, so you know what value we’re delivering together. 

Regardless of whether we’re providing you with a new visual identity for your website, a customer case study video or an integrated global paid media campaign, we measure every aspect of our performance. We do this by utilising measurement tools and dashboards such as Google Data Studio to monitor and report on performance across all channels.  

We’re all too aware that measurement can be notoriously tricky for content projects, which is why we use a combination of quantitative reporting, online analytics and audience feedback. This method means everyone understands the impact of our project, so we can all be confident that we’re driving the maximum benefits.

We also work with The Drum Recommends to gather feedback directly from you, which allows us to benchmark our performance against other agencies to ensure we’re keeping our standards high.


Our services:

  • Google Analytics to track online measurements
  • Full project KPIs as standard
  • Feedback and brand awareness questionnaires
  • Account-based marketing tracking through IP look up and individual engagement monitoring

Case study - McGraw-Hill

Selling more than just textbooks to the world's educators

McGraw-Hill Education is one of the world’s largest educational publishers and we work with their global teams helping them engage students, faculty and educators in new and innovative ways. As their digital partner, we've launched a range of multi-channel campaigns around their products.

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