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Velo is a great fit for Crowcon. They provide the support and expertise that we need to build a strong global brand and deliver innovative marketing. They really push the limits on what's required, which in turn delivers excellent results.


Lynsey Nurthen, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Crowcon



Developing the latest in gas detection technologies to create healthier and safer workspaces, Crowcon has grown to become an international leader in gas safety solutions since its foundation in 1970. The Halma-owned company specialised in producing gas detection instruments for oxygen, flammable and toxic gas hazards, and utilises its comprehensive network of partners to find solutions for its customers gas detection needs.



As a Halma Group approved supplier, Crowcon were keen for us to take the lead on refreshing their visual identity in order to accurately and consistently reflect their brand proposition on a global level. Our challenge was to ensure Crowcon’s products, ethos and expertise would stand out with creative design, whilst also ensuring that their comprehensive product information was presented in a manner that would be beneficial to Crowcon’s customers and staff.



Velo led Crowcon in the overhaul of their visual identity and the production of new marketing materials. We worked closely with the team to develop a fresh, unique and recognisable design that accurately and consistently represented their brand at all points of contact. 


The process involved:


  • Stakeholder workshop: We organised a session to understand the objectives of the project and practical considerations. This included establishing the current and ideal Crowcon brand positioning.
  • Marketing materials audit: We developed a full, thorough understanding of Crowcon’s marketing assets, which included diagnosing the materials purpose, usage and audience.
  • Design concepts and staff feedback: We produced a variety of design concepts and devices, all of which were presented to staff and key stakeholders for feedback.
  • Design evolution: Using the staff feedback, we evolved the visual identity and presented a version of the visuals to be signed-off at all levels.
  • Implementation: We introduced the new visual identity across all levels of Crowcon’s business.


Refreshed website
Brand consistency across documents
Updated datasheets
Posters, banners, graphics and more



Having been adopted across the company, Crowcon’s refreshed visual identity, website, office and datasheets received universally positive feedback from both internal and external parties. Our work overhauling Crowcon’s styling was referenced as a positive point on staff reviews on Glassdoor, whilst employee satisfaction hit record levels on the site with 67% of reviewers stating that they would recommend the company to a friend.


Our work also played a part in Crowcon exceeding their annual 5% organic profit growth target as set by Halma. It also ensured the company would be able to call on a visual identity that they could rely upon well into the future.

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