Case study - Cisco

EMEAR agency of choice for the global technology leader


With over 70,000 employees around the world, Cisco technology has been powering the internet since 1984. We’ve been working with them as a preferred supplier since 2011 with teams across EMEAR, the Americas and APAC. 


We work primarily with the software and services divisions, finding and influencing multi-million dollar customer relationships, with our work deployed at every stage of the value chain.

The challenge


Like most international IT businesses, Cisco sells direct. But in EMEAR they mainly sell through partners or use Distributors (Distis for short) and through their internal sales teams. Telling the right story, to the right person can be a real challenge.


More often than not we’re building micro-campaigns that engage with combinations of hard-hitting content and stories that resonate with the issues they are facing in their line of business.


Plus, with a brand like Cisco, you need to know their brand inside and out and the processes they go through for sign-off, before suggesting any creative ideas. It’s a challenge we face daily dealing with over 50 different contacts every week.



There isn’t a day that goes by without someone in our team being on Webex Teams, and in a typical week, we’re speaking to up to 100 different people on current projects.


We work closely with the team acting almost like an internal unit. But we're only considered an extension of their team because we add value at each step. If it is producing strategic documents against their templates or using Cisco-approved language so that we're universally understood, we’re supporting rather than disrupting the workflows.


Whether it is dedicated campaign landing pages, we’ve optimised for Eloqua and Unica or passing data direct into, we work with Cisco’s tools, build trigger-based email campaigns, create video content or make sales enablement campaigns, we’re building out campaigns that work, that engage and that generate leads. Don’t forget, with a multi-national company like Cisco, employee churn is commonplace, so we’re constantly working with new members of the Cisco team, showing our credentials as an agency that endures.



Some of our proudest moments have been:




When the Cisco Lifecycle Advantage and Icebreaker programs that we’ve been managing all comms, content and delivery for the over the past three years, is credited as the main vehicle for driving revenue within Cisco services. AND we’ve just found out this program has been shortlisted for 4 industry awards in 2018 already!

“With a refreshingly honest and open approach, the Velo team bring an abundance of creativity, energy and professionalism to the table you just don't get with others.”

- JA
  Partner Marketing Manager, EMEA. Cisco Services


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