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“Thank you so much for all the online advertising for ‘This is Rattle and Always Moving’. It really helped us get the season off to a great start, and created a lot of buzz around Simon Rattle’s tenure with the LSO. We’re all delighted.”

KC, Marketing Director



Having performed across the globe since its inception in 1904, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) has firmly established itself as one of the top five orchestras in the world. The LSO now performs over 120 concerts a year at the Barbican Centre in London and boasts more recordings to its name than any other orchestra in the world.



With rising costs and new forms of entertainment and technology taking audiences away from live performances, LSO is under growing pressure to cater to a younger and more diverse audience, increase ticket sales and measure the impact of its marketing and advertising.


The LSO required a partner to help position themselves at the forefront of innovation and challenge existing notions of classical music. With the appointment of new Musical Director, Sir Simon Rattle, all eyes are on the LSO and the concert hall changes that could take place under his leadership.



Velo has been working with the LSO since 2011, promoting concert performances with a strategic multi-channel approach. Our favourite pieces include:




The most recent impact from the work we do with the LSO has been:

  • Last year, through careful optimisation and refinement of the campaigns, we were able to achieve a 6:1 return on investment, not to mention the growth in brand awareness.

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