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Velo consistently delivers compelling, innovative, and cutting-edge campaigns for us at McGraw-Hill. They work as an extension of our team, bringing to the table a wealth of ideas to add value to our campaigns.

AP, Executive Director of Marketing at McGraw-Hill Professional



McGraw-Hill Education is one of the world’s largest educational publishers. They currently operate in 28 countries with over 5,000 employees, offering products and services to over 135 countries in 60+ languages.



Print sales within the publishing industry are in decline, with some old-time customers opting for digital or not even looking to book publications as their only point of reference.


Education is also seeing its fair share of change too, especially in higher education. More and more as students have to fund their own degrees, higher expectations and pressures are on the universities to provide a higher quality teaching, better results, and better most study employability.


So for McGraw-Hill remaining current, adopting new digital technologies to share content, and not cannibalising their print business, is no mean feat.



We work with McGraw-Hill Education’s global teams to help them engage students, faculty and educators in new and innovative ways. As their digital partner, we’ve launched a range of multi-channel campaigns around their online and offline products. Integrating seamlessly with the team, we’ve helped McGraw-Hill Education reach the right audiences with the right information on the right platform to help develop the doctors and engineers of the future. This includes:




Our campaigns have sold textbooks and subscriptions.


Our Harrison’s campaign launched within the top 5,000 books on Amazon, something that had not been achieved with any of the other 19 editions.

Our digital products campaign, supporting the ALEKS, Access and Connect programs, have incentivised the sales team. We have sold subscriptions to McGraw-Hill Education’s leading digital products, where we saw the sales team overachieve their lead generation targets by 228%. They attributed our campaigns as the primary driver.

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